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What does the Bible Say . . .

About fathers?  Are fathers necessary?  Is a father’s approval important? Why do Dads matter? 


One Sunday, on Father’s Day, I heard the answers from many people, most of whom stood up during our church service to talk about the wounds that remained around the relationship with their father. Those who, on balance, had a good experience nevertheless teared up as they shared the importance of having an approving and loving father.

In a recent post located here,

“Father, Do You Love Me?”

I share an excerpt from my book It Still Isn’t the Way We Think It Is. It’s a personal story about my own father and the realization that we all need our father.

If the Bible has wise words about fathers, does it have relevant things to say about other life issues? What does the Bible say about government, about divorce, about sex and marriage, about creation, about death, about life? 

Should we listen to it?  Even more, should we change our own thinking and actions to match it?

Is the Bible Inspired?

People who, generally, believe in the Bible often hit a roadblock in discovering its truths at a deeper level.  Surveys show that 69% of Americans believe the Bible is inspired by God and 74% responded that they would like to learn more about it. For a variety of reasons, the ‘next question’, which could reveal more Biblical information, is never asked. It might be because people don’t know how to search the Bible, they may not believe it has a deeper truth relevant to them, they are afraid to explore lest they run afoul of their denomination or, like most of us, there is fear of change.

Even those who regularly attend church often allow cultural norms or casual Bible reading to dilute God’s words from their faith.  If God is really God then there are great things to know just around the corner. God reveals His mind and His heart in this great book. What could be better than uncovering the mysteries of the creator of the universe?

That is why God’s Word is at the center of this web site. A deeper knowledge of God’s words will lead to a deeper faith if we ask the next question. Sometimes the Bible says something that seems contradictory or even wrong and we often stop to ask ourselves, “Do I agree with this?” But that is the wrong question. It stops our learning.

Can I Trust God?

If we wish to uncover truth the next question is, why?  Why did God say that and in what way could it be true?  If God got it wrong then the search beyond our own judgment is worthless.

But what if He is right? Really right. Intensely right. Importantly right. What if God is not wrong?